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We are a boutique Auckland-based Event Co that takes pride in delivering events with exceptional food and service. 


We create.  From delivered canapes and working lunches to large-scale conferences, gala dinners, weddings, cocktail parties, and intimate private parties. 

From initial communication to professional service on the day and thanks to our fantastic partners,  superb food, We make our client's vision come to life.


Some partners are our top-recommended catering suppliers, capable of providing full-service catering. We think of these fine companies as our premium partners, companies that don’t only provide amazing food but also link arms with us to provide fantastic event experiences for our clients.


Other partners are service professionals who specialize in menu options that are unique. We think of these awesome companies as suppliers that magnify what we’re able to provide and accomplish by ourselves.  View a few of our favorites below.

Moxie Restaurant is not funky or edgy or difficult. The food comes on plates, the drink comes in glasses and the chairs have backs on them. It's Miami Vice meets The Hamptons and also proof that it's possible to open a new restaurant without exposing the heating ducts or forcing the waitstaff to wear plaid.

Created by Miller family behind Mint Kitchen and Thinkfood . Located in Victoria Park, this spacious eatery is a breath of fresh air. Utilising travertine stone in addition to a white, grey and beige colour palette, Architect Tom Rowe has paid great attention to the finer details in order for Hēmi to achieve its luxurious and chic ambience.

Nestled in Wynyard Central, La Petite Fourchette – meaning The Little Fork – is open from the wee hours of the morning where the pâtisserie team is hard at work producing fresh creations for the coming day.  


La Petite Fourchette offers a wide range of both savoury and sweet French delicacies all made with love and that added ‘je ne sais quoi’ which makes every bite a unique experience.

Java is the place to go when you're craving authentic Indonesian food. You might be reminiscing about the hot summer nights in Bali or the street food of Jakarta. Java caters to all tastes and specialize in traditional Indonesian dishes: nasi goreng, satay with peanut sauce and vegan delights like crispy tofu. A truly authentic Indonesian street food experience.

Rockys Kitchen is the dream of Rocky and Jeeva, both of whom have a strong culinary background and a passion for homemade, healthy food.